CBSE Affin. No. 931068

About Us

The Quilandy kendra was established in March 1, 2007. in addition to the land of 2.26 acre, the Kendra bought 1.75 acres of land in 2012, to construct our own building at Anavathil, 450 metres away from the State Highway and 5Iuns from Quilandy town. The School has earned repute here as an Institution striving for all-round excellence and fostering values in the young. Set amidst a tranquil environment, the school nurtures an ideal educational environment for students and teachers. Transformation of life through education is its vision.

The school believes in a holistic approach to learning, helping the future generation to inculcate values, positive attitude and thinking. The school, where mother nature has showered her blessing with a pitting ambiance, is a true abode of learning. The School is a haven for students who want to hone their academic and co-curricular skills. Providing opportunities for all students, the sch6o1 is in the forefront, be it academics, fine arts, sports, games or quizzes. Moreover, the school instills in students the value of social and environmental commitment through a host of programmes and activities. The School aims to promote excellence and lifelong learning for all students. The school seek to educate the children through value based curriculum that fosters a positive self -concept, creativity, self-discipline, values and life- skills.